A response object that tells the system how to handle the reported communications.


class ILClassificationResponse : NSObject


To work in areas where Wi-Fi connections and cellular data may be unreliable, the extension sends the response using an SMS message. As long as the action is not ILClassificationAction.none, the extension creates an SMS message to the number provided by the ILClassificationExtensionSMSReportDestination key in the extension’s info.plist file.

The message’s body contains a JSON string with both the classification action and the contents of the user info dictionary. For more information, see JSONSerialization.


Creating Responses

init(action: ILClassificationAction)

Creates a new response using the provided classification.

Accessing Data

var action: ILClassificationAction

A classification that determines what action the system takes.

var userInfo: [String : Any]?

JSON data included in a response sent over the network.

var userString: String?

Text included in a response sent over SMS.


Inherits From

See Also


enum ILClassificationAction

The actions the system can take in response to the reported communication.