Web Service

Maps Web Snapshots

Create a static image of a map from a URL.


The Maps Web Snapshots service can be used to generate static map images from a URL. You can use Snapshots any time that an interactive map is not required, and in any place you typically use an image URL—in web pages, and in places where JavaScript is not available, such as email clients.

A map created using Maps Web Snapshots API.

To learn how to construct a signed and validated snapshot URL, see Generating a URL and Signature to Create a Maps Web Snapshot. You generate the required signature using credentials obtained through your Apple Developer account. See Creating a Maps Identifier and a Private Key to learn how to get these credentials.

For more information on usage limits for Maps Web Snapshots, see the Apple Developer page, Maps on the Web.



Generating a URL and Signature to Create a Maps Web Snapshot

Create a Snapshot URL and generate a signature to validate the request.

Create a Maps Web Snapshot

Generate a map image with characteristics you provide in the query parameters and sign using your private key.

object Annotation

An object for a Snapshot URL that describes annotation characteristics.

object Overlay

A JSON object for a Snapshot URL that describes polyline overlay characteristics, including points for the overlay and styles such as width, color, and dash pattern.

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