An object that provides additional configuration details to use when configuring a composition interface.


class SLComposeSheetConfigurationItem : NSObject


The SLComposeSheetConfigurationItem class gives users a way to configure the properties of a post before posting it. For example, you can use these objects to let users choose an account from which to post, an album to which to post, or a location to add to a post.

To provide support for post configurations in your SLComposeServiceViewController view, create as many configuration items as you need, place them in an array, and return the array in your implementation of configurationItems. Note that only one configuration item can be displayed at a time.


Creating a Configuration Item


Returns a configuration item.

Responding to User Interaction

var tapHandler: SLComposeSheetConfigurationItemTapHandler!

A custom tap handler block that handles user interaction with a configuration item.

typealias SLComposeSheetConfigurationItemTapHandler

The method signature for a configuration item’s tap handler block.

Specifying Configuration Information

var title: String!

The name of the configuration item stored as a localized string.

var value: String!

The current value or setting of the configuration item.

var valuePending: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the configuration item’s value is ready for display.


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See Also

Configuring the Post Details

func configurationItems() -> [Any]!

Returns configuration items to display in the compose view.

func reloadConfigurationItems()

Reloads the list of configuration items.