Integrate your app with supported social networking services. Use the provided template to create HTTP requests.


On iOS and macOS, this framework provides a template for creating HTTP requests. On iOS only, the Social framework provides a generalized interface for posting requests on behalf of the user.

A common way to use this framework is:

  • Create a network session.

  • Get the activity feed for a user.

  • Make a new post.

  • Set properties on a post, add attachments, etc.

  • Publish a post to an activity feed.



class SLComposeServiceViewController

The SLComposeServiceViewController class provides a standard compose view you can present for social sharing extensions on both platforms. By default, the compose view includes items such as an editable text view and an indication of remaining characters, in addition to support for previewing attachments and displaying configuration items, such as an account or privacy picker.

class SLComposeSheetConfigurationItem

The SLComposeSheetConfigurationItem class helps you give users ways to configure the properties of a post before posting it. For example, you can use SLComposeSheetConfigurationItem objects to let users choose an account to post from, an album to post to, or a location to add to a post.

class SLComposeViewController

The SLComposeViewController class presents a view to the user to compose a post for supported social networking services.

class SLRequest

The SLRequest object encapsulates the properties of an HTTP request, providing a convenient template for you to make requests. You send a request to a social networking service to perform some operation on behalf of the user or to retrieve user information.

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