Post content to supported social networking services, using standard system interfaces.


On iOS and macOS, this framework provides a template for creating HTTP requests. On iOS only, the Social framework provides a generalized interface for posting requests on behalf of the user.

A common way to use this framework is:

  • Create a network session.

  • Get the activity feed for a user.

  • Make a new post.

  • Set properties on a post, add attachments, etc.

  • Publish a post to an activity feed.


Composition Interfaces

class SLComposeServiceViewController

A view controller that you present from your share app extension, allowing the user to compose social media posts.

class SLComposeViewController

A view controller that allows the user to compose social media posts.

Server Communication

class SLRequest

An object that you use to assemble an HTTP request for communicating with a social media service.