Instance Method


Recognizes speech from the audio source associated with the specified request, using the specified delegate to manage the results.




A request (encapsulated in an SFSpeechRecognitionRequest object) to recognize speech from an audio source.


An object that can handle results from the speech recognition task. This object must conform to the SFSpeechRecognitionTaskDelegate protocol.

Return Value

The task object you can use to manage an in-progress recognition request.


Use this method to initiate the speech recognition process on the audio contained in the request object. This method executes asynchronously and returns a SFSpeechRecognitionTask object that you can use to cancel or finalize the recognition process later. As results become available, the method calls the methods of the provided delegate object.

Note that the SFSpeechRecognitionTask object returned by this method does not retain your delegate object. You must maintain a strong reference to your delegate while speech recognition is in progress.

See Also

Performing Speech Recognition on Audio

func recognitionTask(with: SFSpeechRecognitionRequest, resultHandler: (SFSpeechRecognitionResult?, Error?) -> Void) -> SFSpeechRecognitionTask

Executes the speech recognition request and delivers the results to the specified handler block.

protocol SFSpeechRecognitionTaskDelegate

A protocol with methods for managing multi-utterance speech recognition requests.