A request to recognize speech in a recorded audio file.


class SFSpeechURLRecognitionRequest : SFSpeechRecognitionRequest


Use an SFSpeechURLRecognitionRequest object to perform speech recognition on the contents of an existing audio file.

Listing 1 shows a method that performs speech recognition on the contents of a specified audio file. The method uses the default locale and prints the resulting text to standard output.

Listing 1

Getting a speech recognizer and making a recognition request

func recognizeFile(url:NSURL) {
   guard let myRecognizer = SFSpeechRecognizer() else {
      // A recognizer is not supported for the current locale
   if !myRecognizer.isAvailable() {
      // The recognizer is not available right now

   let request = SFSpeechURLRecognitionRequest(url: url)
   myRecognizer.recognitionTask(with: request) { (result, error) in
      guard let result = result else {
         // Recognition failed, so check error for details and handle it

      // Print the speech that has been recognized so far
      if result.isFinal {
         print("Speech in the file is \(result.bestTranscription.formattedString)")


Creating a Speech Recognition Request

init(url: URL)

Creates a speech recognition request, initialized with the specified URL.

Accessing the URL of the Audio File

var url: URL

The URL of the audio file.


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See Also

Audio Sources

Recognizing Speech in Live Audio

Perform speech recognition on audio coming from the microphone of an iOS device.

class SFSpeechAudioBufferRecognitionRequest

A request to recognize speech from captured audio content, such as audio from the device's microphone.

class SFSpeechRecognitionRequest

An abstract class representing a request to recognize speech from an audio source.