A textual representation of the recognized speech.


class SFTranscription : NSObject


Use an SFTranscription object to obtain the recognized utterances from your audio content. You do not create transcription objects directly. Instead, you retrieve them from the SFSpeechRecognitionResult object that you receive from the speech recognizer. Retrieve the entire utterance from the formattedString property.

A transcript represents only a potential version of the speech. It might not be a precise representation of the utterance.


Getting the Complete Utterance

var formattedString: String

The entire utterance, formatted into a single, user-displayable string.

Getting the Individual Segments

var segments: [SFTranscriptionSegment]

An array of transcription segments that represent parts of the hypothesized transcription.


Inherits From

See Also

Transcription Results

class SFSpeechRecognitionResult

An object containing the partial or final results of a speech recognition request.

class SFTranscriptionSegment

A part of the entire hypothesized transcription.