An object that is run by a node to change its structure or content.


class SKAction : NSObject


SKAction is an animation that is executed by a node in the scene. Actions are used to change a node in some way (like move its position over time), but you can also use actions to change the scene, like doing a fadeout. When the scene processes its nodes, the actions associated with those nodes are processed.


First Steps

Getting Started with Actions

Create, configure, and run actions in SpriteKit.

Action Initializers

Use these functions to create actions.

Controlling Action Timing

Configuring Action Timing

Time an action in a scene, by adding or modifying timing properties, or cancel an action.

var duration: TimeInterval

The duration required to complete an action.

var timingMode: SKActionTimingMode

A setting that controls the speed curve of an animation.

enum SKActionTimingMode

The modes that an action can use to adjust the apparent timing of the action.

var timingFunction: SKActionTimingFunction

A block used to customize the timing function.

typealias SKActionTimingFunction

The signature for the custom timing block.

var speed: CGFloat

A speed factor that modifies how fast an action runs.

Using Action Names

Controlling Actions Precisely by Using Names

Set an action's name property so you can access it later without needing an instance variable.

Observing Live Changes

Detecting Changes at Each Step of an Animation

Get notified of a property change on your node subclass and retrieve the amount of change.


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See Also


Getting Started with Actions

Create, configure, and run actions in SpriteKit.