A specification for dynamic per-node data used with a custom shader.


class SKAttribute : NSObject


To define an attribute for your shader, you create an SKAttribute object with a unique name and data type, which is a SKAttributeType enum. After creating an SKShader object, custom attributes are added to its attributes array. Attribute values are set on the parent node with setValue(_:forAttribute:) and can change for each execution of a shader without the need for recompilation.

The following listing shows how you can use an attribute to pass the size of a sprite into a shader using an attribute. In this example, a_sprite_size is available as a global vec2 within the GLSL code.

Listing 1

Passing an attribute to a shader.

let attributeBasedShader = SKShader(fileNamed: "UsingAttributes.fsh")
attributeBasedShader.attributes = [
    SKAttribute(name: "a_sprite_size", type: .vectorFloat2)]

let sprite = SKSpriteNode()
sprite.shader = attributeBasedShader
sprite.size = CGSize(width: 10, height: 10)
let spriteSize = vector_float2(Float(sprite.frame.size.width), 
sprite.setValue(SKAttributeValue(vectorFloat2: spriteSize), 
                forAttribute: "a_sprite_size")



enum SKAttributeType

Options that specify an attribute's data type.


init(name: String, type: SKAttributeType)

Creates and initializes a new attribute object of a specified type with a name that can be referenced within the shader.

Instance Properties

var name: String

The receiver's name

var type: SKAttributeType

The data type of the attribute's value.


Inherits From

See Also


class SKShader

An object that allows you to apply a custom fragment shader.

class SKAttributeValue

A container for dynamic shader data associated with a node.

class SKUniform

A container for uniform shader data.

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