A node that determines which parts of the scene are visible within a view.


class SKCameraNode : SKNode


If you don't use a camera in your scene, you control the visible portion of a scene using its anchorPoint property.


First Steps

Getting Started with a Camera

Learn the semantics of using a camera in your scene.

Node Visibility

Check whether a particular node is onscreen.

func containedNodeSet() -> Set<SKNode>

Finds nodes that are visible in the camera's viewport.

func contains(SKNode) -> Bool

Checks to see if a node is visible in the camera’s viewport.

See Also

Base Nodes

Using Base Nodes to Lay Out SpriteKit Content

Use nonvisual nodes to define the layout of a scene.

class SKNode

The base class of all SpriteKit nodes.

class SKReferenceNode

A node that's defined in an archived .sks file.