A node that masks pixels drawn by its children so that only some pixels are seen.


class SKCropNode : SKNode


SKCropNode is a container node that you use to crop other nodes in the scene. You add other nodes to a crop node and set the crop node's maskNode property. For example, here are some ways you might specify a mask:

  • An untextured sprite that limits content to a rectangular portion of the scene.

  • A textured sprite that works as a precise per-pixel mask.

  • A collection of child nodes that form a unique shape.

You can animate the shape or contents of the mask to implement interesting effects such as hiding or revealing.


First Steps

Crop other nodes in the scene by adding them as child nodes to a crop node.

Cropping Nodes

Use a texture or a shape to mask pixels out of a crop node's children.

Setting the Mask Filter

var maskNode: SKNode?

The node used to determine the crop node’s mask.

See Also

Nodes that Modify Drawing

class SKEffectNode

A node that renders its children into a separate buffer, optionally applying an effect, before drawing the final result.

class SKTransformNode

A node that allows its children to rotate in 3D.