A graphical element that draws text.


class SKLabelNode : SKNode


SKLableNode allows you to render text in your scene. You can define a custom style using properties such as fontName and fontColor, or configure the look of your text with an NSAttributedString.


Getting Started with Labels

Adding Text to a Scene

Draw text in your scene, such as a health indicator or a "Game Over" banner, by using a label node.

Creating a Label

init(fontNamed: String?)

Initializes a new label object with a specified font.

init(text: String?)

Initializes a new label object with a text string.

init(attributedText: NSAttributedString?)

Initializes a new label object with an attributed text string.

Setting a Label's Text

var text: String?

The string that the label node displays.

var attributedText: NSAttributedString?

The attributed string displayed by the label.

Specifying a Label's Font

var fontColor: UIColor?

The color of the label.

var fontName: String?

The font used for the text in the label.

var fontSize: CGFloat

The size of the font used in the label.

Controlling a Label's Alignment

var verticalAlignmentMode: SKLabelVerticalAlignmentMode

The vertical position of the text within the node.

enum SKLabelVerticalAlignmentMode

Options for aligning text vertically.

var horizontalAlignmentMode: SKLabelHorizontalAlignmentMode

The horizontal position of the text within the node.

enum SKLabelHorizontalAlignmentMode

Options for aligning text horizontally.

Defining a Label's Line-Breaking Behavior

Configure these properties to control line-breaking behavior.

var preferredMaxLayoutWidth: CGFloat

The width, in screen points, after which line-break mode should be applied.

var lineBreakMode: NSLineBreakMode

Determines the line-break mode for multiple lines.

var numberOfLines: Int

Determines the number of lines to draw.

Colorizing a Label

var color: UIColor?

An alternative to the font color that can be used for animations.

var colorBlendFactor: CGFloat

A floating-point value that describes how the color is blended with the font color.

Configuring Alpha Blending

Change how a label uses an alpha value, such as additive blending, that results in the label being brighter than it was before.

var blendMode: SKBlendMode

The blend mode used to draw the label into the parent’s framebuffer.

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