Instance Method


Searches the children of the receiving node to perform processing for nodes that share a name.


func enumerateChildNodes(withName name: String, using block: @escaping (SKNode, UnsafeMutablePointer<ObjCBool>) -> Void)



The name to search for. This may be either the literal name of the node or a customized search string. See Searching the Node Tree.


A block to execute on nodes that match the name parameter. The block has the signature (node: SKNode, stop: UnsafeMutablePointer<ObjCBool>).


This method enumerates the child array in order, searching for nodes whose names match the search parameter. The block is called once for each node that matches the name parameter.

The following code shows how you could enumerate through the child nodes of a scene with a name containing the string yellow. Each matching node is hidden until the enumeration finds a node that also contains the string triangle. When this node is reached, stop is set to true and the processing stops.

Listing 1

Enumerating child nodes

scene.enumerateChildNodes(withName: "*yellow*") {
    (node, stop) in
    if let name =, name.contains("triangle") {
        stop.initialize(to: true)

You can also search by class name using enumerateChildNodes(withName:using:). However, for custom classes, you need to specify the fully annotated class name (i.e. the project name followed by the class name). The following code shows a custom class, SpaceshipNode, based on SKSpriteNode, and created in a project named SpaceGame. The first search fails to return an instance of SpaceshipNode added as a child of parentNode:

Listing 2

Enumerating child nodes

class SpaceshipNode: SKSpriteNode {
let parentNode = SKNode()
let childNode = SpaceshipNode()
parentNode.enumerateChildNodes(withName: "SpaceshipNode") {
    node, _ in
    // Unannotated name, returns no results 
parentNode.enumerateChildNodes(withName: "SpaceGame.SpaceshipNode") {
    node, _ in
    // Annotated name, successfully returns `childNode` 
parentNode.enumerateChildNodes(withName: "SKSpriteNode") {
    node, _ in
    // Superclass name, successfully returns `childNode` 

See Also

Accessing Nodes by Name

Searching the Node Tree

Access nodes by name to avoid needing an instance variable.

var name: String?

The node’s assignable name.

func childNode(withName: String) -> SKNode?

Searches the children of the receiving node for a node with a specific name.

subscript(String) -> [SKNode]

Returns an array of nodes that match the name parameter.