Instance Method


Adds a node to the end of the receiver’s list of child nodes.


- (void)addChild:(SKNode *)node;



The node to add. The node must not already have a parent.

See Also

Modifying the Node Tree

Accessing and Modifying the Node Tree

See the objects and functions you use to control the node tree's composition.

- insertChild:atIndex:

Inserts a node into a specific position in the receiver’s list of child nodes.

- isEqualToNode:

Compares the parameter node to the receiving node.

- moveToParent:

Moves the node to a new parent node in the scene.

- removeFromParent

Removes the receiving node from its parent.

- removeAllChildren

Removes all of the node’s children.

- removeChildrenInArray:

Removes a list of children from the receiving node.

- inParentHierarchy:

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the node is a descendant of the target node.