Instance Method


Removes a list of children from the receiving node.


- (void)removeChildrenInArray:(NSArray<SKNode *> *)nodes;



An array of SKNode objects that are all children of the receiving node.

See Also

Modifying the Node Tree

Accessing and Modifying the Node Tree

See the objects and functions you use to control the node tree's composition.

- addChild:

Adds a node to the end of the receiver’s list of child nodes.

- insertChild:atIndex:

Inserts a node into a specific position in the receiver’s list of child nodes.

- isEqualToNode:

Compares the parameter node to the receiving node.

- moveToParent:

Moves the node to a new parent node in the scene.

- removeFromParent

Removes the receiving node from its parent.

- removeAllChildren

Removes all of the node’s children.

- inParentHierarchy:

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the node is a descendant of the target node.