Instance Method


Returns the deepest visible descendant that intersects a point.


- (SKNode *)nodeAtPoint:(CGPoint)p;



A point in the node’s coordinate system.

Return Value

A descendant in the subtree that intersects the point, or the receiver if no nodes intersect the point. Only nodes that have an hidden of false and an alpha greater that zero are returned. If multiple descendants intersect the point, the deepest node in the tree is returned. If multiple nodes are at the same level, the intersecting node with the largest z position is returned.


A point is considered to be in a node if it lies inside the rectangle returned by the calculateAccumulatedFrame method.

See Also

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- containsPoint:

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a point lies inside the parent’s coordinate system.

- nodesAtPoint:

Returns an array of all visible descendants that intersect a point.