Instance Property


The node’s assignable name.


@property(nonatomic, copy) NSString *name;


This property is used to identify a node in other parts of your game logic. For example, you might use this name as part of collision testing. You can also search for nodes in a tree by their name.

When choosing a name for a node, decide whether each node gets a unique name or whether some nodes will share a common name. If you give the node a unique name, you can find the node later by calling the childNodeWithName: method. If a name is shared by multiple nodes, the name usually means that these are all a similar object type in your game. In this case, you can iterate over those objects by calling the enumerateChildNodesWithName:usingBlock: method.

See Also

Accessing Nodes by Name

Searching the Node Tree

Access nodes by name to avoid needing an instance variable.

- childNodeWithName:

Searches the children of the receiving node for a node with a specific name.

- enumerateChildNodesWithName:usingBlock:

Searches the children of the receiving node to perform processing for nodes that share a name.

- objectForKeyedSubscript:

Returns an array of nodes that match the name parameter.