A joint that imposes a maximum distance between two physics bodies, as if they were connected by a rope.


class SKPhysicsJointLimit : SKPhysicsJoint


Configuring a Limit Joint

var maxLength: CGFloat

The maximum distance allowed between the two physics bodies connected by the limit joint.


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Physics Joints

Working with Inverse Kinematics

Gain fine-tuned control of objects that are connected by joints.

class SKPhysicsJoint

The abstract superclass for objects that connect physics bodies.

class SKPhysicsJointFixed

A joint that fuses two physics bodies together at a reference point.

class SKPhysicsJointPin

A joint that pins together two physics bodies, allowing independent rotation.

class SKPhysicsJointSliding

A joint that allows two physics bodies to slide along an axis.

class SKPhysicsJointSpring

A joint that simulates a spring connecting two physics bodies.