A joint that pins together two physics bodies, allowing independent rotation.


class SKPhysicsJointPin : SKPhysicsJoint


An SKPhysicsJointPin object allows two physics bodies to independently rotate around the anchor point as if pinned together. You can configure how far the two objects may rotate and the resistance to rotation.


Configuring a Pin Joint

var rotationSpeed: CGFloat

The speed, in radians per second, at which the physics bodies are driven around the pin joint.

var shouldEnableLimits: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the pin joint’s rotation is limited to a specific range of values.

var lowerAngleLimit: CGFloat

The smallest angle allowed for the pin joint, in radians.

var upperAngleLimit: CGFloat

The largest angle allowed for the pin joint, in radians.

var frictionTorque: CGFloat

The resistance applied by the pin joint to spinning around the anchor point.


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