A joint that simulates a spring connecting two physics bodies.


class SKPhysicsJointSpring : SKPhysicsJoint


An SKPhysicsJointSpring object simulates connecting two physics bodies together with a spring. The farther the two objects move from each other, the more force is applied to bring the two bodies back together.


First Steps

Getting Started with Spring Joints

Connect two physics bodies with a spring joint.

Configuring a Spring Joint

var damping: CGFloat

Defines how the spring’s motion should be damped due to the forces of friction.

var frequency: CGFloat

Defines the frequency or stiffness characteristics of the spring.


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See Also

Physics Joints

Working with Inverse Kinematics

Gain fine-tuned control of objects that are connected by joints.

class SKPhysicsJoint

The abstract superclass for objects that connect physics bodies.

class SKPhysicsJointFixed

A joint that fuses two physics bodies together at a reference point.

class SKPhysicsJointLimit

A joint that imposes a maximum distance between two physics bodies, as if they were connected by a rope.

class SKPhysicsJointPin

A joint that pins together two physics bodies, allowing independent rotation.

class SKPhysicsJointSliding

A joint that allows two physics bodies to slide along an axis.