A definition of an arbitrary area.


class SKRegion : NSObject


An SKRegion object defines a mathematical shape and is typically used to determine whether a particular point lies inside this area. For example, regions are used to define the area that a physics field can affect. Regions are defined using paths and mathematical shapes and can also be combined using constructive solid geometry.


Creating and Initializing Region Objects

class func infinite() -> Self

Returns a region that defines a region that includes all points.

init(size: CGSize)

Initializes a new region with a rectangular area.

init(radius: Float)

Initializes a new region with a circular area.

init(path: CGPath)

Initializes a new region using a Core Graphics path.

func inverse() -> Self

Returns a new region that is the mathematical inverse of an existing region.

func byDifference(from: SKRegion) -> Self

Returns a new region created by subtracting the contents of another region from this region.

func byIntersection(with: SKRegion) -> Self

Returns a new region created by intersecting the contents of this region with another region.

func byUnion(with: SKRegion) -> Self

Returns a new region created by combining the contents of this region with another region.

Interacting with a Region

var path: CGPath?

Returns a Core Graphics path that defines the region.

func contains(CGPoint) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a particular point is contained in the region.


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See Also

Simulating Physics

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class SKPhysicsBody

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protocol SKPhysicsContactDelegate

Methods your app can implement to respond when physics bodies come into contact.

class SKPhysicsJoint

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class SKPhysicsJointFixed

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