Instance Property


The camera node in the scene that determines what part of the scene’s coordinate space is visible in the view.


weak var camera: SKCameraNode? { get set }


The default value of this property is nil, which means that the scene’s anchorPoint and size properties determine what portion of the scene is visible. If set to point to a camera node contained in the scene, the anchorPoint property is ignored and the scene is rendered using the camera node’s properties instead.

A camera must be added as a child of the scene for it to render that scene.

Listing 1 shows how to add a camera to an SKScene named scene. The camera is positioned in the center of the scene which gives the same result as rendering a camera-less scene with an anchorPoint of zero.

Listing 1

Adding a camera to a scene

let cameraNode = SKCameraNode()
cameraNode.position = CGPoint(x: scene.size.width / 2,
                              y: scene.size.height / 2)
scene.addChild(cameraNode) = cameraNode

For more information, see SKCameraNode.

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var anchorPoint: CGPoint

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