Creating a Scene from a File

Load a scene that you configure in Xcode's scene editor.


The most common way to load an SKScene is through an .sks file configured in Xcode's scene editor. Making your base changes in the editor is faster than writing equivalent initalization code, and it avoids repeating code if you create a scene in multiple places.

Create a New Scene File

First, add a new scene file to your project through Xcode's File menu > New... > File > (choose your platform tab) > SpriteKit Scene.

Figure 1

Creating a new SpriteKit Scene file

Sceenshot showing the New File dialog in Xcode. Pick your target platform tab, then choose SpriteKit Scene.

Configure the Scene Using the Editor

You configure your scene in the scene editor by clicking on the .sks file in Xcode's file navigator pane, then adjusting properties in the Utility pane. For example, to set your scene's background color, follow the steps highlighted in Figure 2:

  1. Select the .sks file in the file navigator pane.

  2. Open the Utilities pane.

  3. Choose the Attributes inspector.

  4. Define a color under Scene.

Figure 2

Setting the background color in the scene editor

Screenshot showing setting the scene background color in Xcode's SpriteKit scene editor. You select the .sks file in Xcode's file navigator pane, then choose the Attributes inspector tab within the Utilities pane.

Load the Scene in Code

Load the newly configured scene file in code using init(fileNamed:).

let scene = SKScene(fileNamed: "MyScene")
// Now present the scene in a view.