Methods that, when implemented, allow any class to participate in the SpriteKit render loop callbacks.


@protocol SKSceneDelegate


The SKSceneDelegate protocol is used to implement a delegate to be called whenever the scene is being animated. Typically, you supply a delegate when you want to use a scene without requiring the scene to be subclassed. The methods in this protocol all correspond to methods implemented by the SKScene class. If the delegate implements a particular method, that method is called instead of the corresponding method on the scene object.

When processing a scene, SpriteKit runs a loop that processes and renders the scene. The SKSceneDelegate methods allows you to add logic at any step of the loop.

Figure 1

Frame processing in a scene

Frame processing in a scene


Handling Animation Events

Use SpriteKit Objects within Scene Delegate Callbacks

Follow threading guidelines to keep your SpriteKit app thread safe.

- update:forScene:

Tells you to perform any app specific logic to update your scene.

- didEvaluateActionsForScene:

Tells you to peform any necessary logic after scene actions are evaluated.

- didSimulatePhysicsForScene:

Tells you to peform any necessary logic after physics simulations are performed.

- didApplyConstraintsForScene:

Tells you to peform any necessary logic after constraints are applied.

- didFinishUpdateForScene:

Tells you to peform any necessary logic after the scene has finished all of the steps required to process animations.


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Configuring a Delegate

Subclassing Scenes Versus Assigning a Delegate

Use a scene delegate to share app logic across various scenes.


A delegate to be called during the animation loop.