Instance Property


A custom shader used to determine the color of the filled portion of the shape node.


@property(nonatomic, retain) SKShader *fillShader;


The default value is nil. If a fillShader is specified, when the shape node is drawn, the shader is used to determine the output colors for any part of the shape node that's fillled. SpriteKit implements many fill features using a default shader, such as:

If you supply a custom value for fillShader, your custom shader overrides the default shader which neutralizes the default features. It is the responsibility of your custom fillShader to implement any of the features your shape requires.

See Also

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A custom shader used to determine the color of the stroked portion of the shape node.


The values of each attribute associated with the node's attached shader.

- setValue:forAttributeNamed:

Sets an attribute value for an attached shader.

- valueForAttributeNamed:

The value of a shader attribute.