Applying Shaders to a Sprite

Write custom GLSL code that modifies the look of your sprite.


You can use the shader property of a sprite node to change the appearance of a texture with a custom OpenGL ES fragment shader embedded within a SKShader object. Custom shaders offer almost limitless possibilities, from adding blurs and color treatments to textures to generating imagery such as random noise.

The following code shows a small custom shader which inverts the color of a texture while leaving the alpha or transparency unaffected:

void main() {

    gl_FragColor = vec4(1.0 - SKDefaultShading().rgb, SKDefaultShading().a);

The following figure illustrates the effect of the shader. The original image, on the left, has its colors inverted by the shader:

Example of a color inverted sprite

See Also

Adding a Custom Shader to a Sprite


A text file that defines code that does custom per-pixel drawing or colorization.


The values of each attribute associated with the node's attached shader.

- setValue:forAttributeNamed:

Sets an attribute value for an attached shader.

- valueForAttributeNamed:

Sets the value of a shader attribute.