Instance Property


The filtering mode used when the size of a sprite drawn with the texture is not drawn at the texture’s native size.


var filteringMode: SKTextureFilteringMode { get set }


The possible values for this property are listed in SKTextureFilteringMode. The default value is SKTextureFilteringMode.linear where each pixel is drawn by using a linear filter of multiple texels in the texture. The other option is SKTextureFilteringMode.nearest where each pixel is drawn using the nearest point in the texture.

The figure below shows the effect of different filtering modes. The rabbit texture (original on left) has been scaled up five times. Node 1 has been scaled using SKTextureFilteringMode.nearest and node 2 has been scaled with SKTextureFilteringMode.linear.

Figure 1

The effect of filtering modes on a scaled texture

The effect of filtering modes on a scaled texture

See Also

Configuring a Texture's Behavior for Scaling

enum SKTextureFilteringMode

Texture filtering modes to use when the texture is drawn in a size other than its native size.

var usesMipmaps: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the texture attempts to generate mipmaps.