A set of tiles that collectively define one type of terrain.


class SKTileGroup : NSObject


An SKTileGroup object contains either the definition of a single tile or an array of SKTileGroupRule objects that define adjacency rules.

You supply a tile group with either:

  • The definition of a single tile that can be used to populate a tile map node with a single texture.

  • An array of one or more tile group rules that allow for the automatic placement of textures dependent on their adjacency and the placement weights of their definitions. For example, a tile group may contain nine tile group rules containing the definitions of the central tile and eight edge tiles that, when placed adjacently, appear as a single object.

The preferred method to create tile groups is to use the editor tools in Xcode. However, to work with SpriteKit’s tile support programmatically, see the following articles.


Creating Tile Groups

Creating Tile Groups Programmatically

Paint tiles on a map by putting tile definitions in a group that you create in code.

init(tileDefinition: SKTileDefinition)

Creates and initializes a simple tile group with a single tile definition.

init(rules: [SKTileGroupRule])

Creates and initializes a tile group with the specified tile group rules.

Accessing or Setting a Tile Group's Properties

var name: String?

The receiver's name.

var rules: [SKTileGroupRule]

An array of SKTileGroupRule objects that the tile group uses to determine tile placement.

Creating an Empty Tile Group

Create an empty tile group to erase tiles at a given location on a map.

class func empty() -> Self

Creates an empty tile that erases the existing tile at that location on a tile map.


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See Also


class SKTileMapNode

A two-dimensional array of images.

class SKTileDefinition

A single tile that can be repeated in a tile map.

class SKTileGroupRule

Rules that describe how various tiles should be placed in a map.

class SKTileSet

A container for related tile groups.