Instance Method


Set the tile group at the specified tile index.


func setTileGroup(_ tileGroup: SKTileGroup?, forColumn column: Int, row: Int)



The tile group to place in the map.


The column index of the tile.


The row index of the tile.


This function is for use when you're creating a tile map programmatically, versus creating it ahead of time with the scene editor.

When enableAutomapping is set to true, the surrounding tiles of a painted area will be controlled by the tile group, too. When automapping is disabled, just the tile definition will be placed without modify any of the neighboring tiles.

See Also

Defining a Tile Map's Contents

var enableAutomapping: Bool

When creating a tile map node programmatically, specifies whether the tile map uses automapping behavior like the scene editor.

func fill(with: SKTileGroup?)

When creating a tile map node programmatically, this function performs a fill operation with the specified tile group.

func setTileGroup(SKTileGroup, andTileDefinition: SKTileDefinition, forColumn: Int, row: Int)

Set the tile group and tile definition at the specified tile index.