A graphical element that plays video content.


class SKVideoNode : SKNode


This class renders a video at a given size and location in your scene with no exposed player controls.


Getting Started with Video

Adding a Video to a Scene

Play video in your scene by adding a video node.

Creating a Video Node

init(avPlayer: AVPlayer)

Initializes a video node using an existing AVPlayer object.

init(fileNamed: String)

Initializes a video node using a video file stored in the app bundle.

init(url: URL)

Initializes a video node using a URL.

init?(coder: NSCoder)

Tells you when to initialize a video node that was created from an archive.

init(videoFileNamed: String)

Initializes a video node using a video file stored in the app bundle.

init(videoURL: URL)

Initializes a video node using a URL that points to a video file.


Setting the Video Node’s Visual Properties

var anchorPoint: CGPoint

The point in the sprite that corresponds to the node’s position.

var size: CGSize

The dimensions of the video node, in points.

Controlling Video Playback

func play()

Starts video playback.

func pause()

Pauses video playback.

See Also

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