Instance Property


The number of frames that must pass before the scene is called to update its contents.


var frameInterval: Int { get set }


The default value is 1, which results in your game being notified at the refresh rate of the display. If the value is set to a value larger than 1, the display link notifies your game at a fraction of the native refresh rate. For example, setting the interval to 2 causes the scene to be called every other frame, providing half the frame rate.

Behavior is undefined with a value less than 1.

This property is deprecated. Use preferredFramesPerSecond, or view(_:shouldRenderAtTime:) instead.

See Also

Controlling the Timing of a Scene's Rendering

var isPaused: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the view’s scene animations are paused.

var preferredFramesPerSecond: Int

The animation frame rate that the view uses to render its scene.

var delegate: SKViewDelegate?

A delegate that allows dynamic control of the view's render rate.

protocol SKViewDelegate

Methods to take custom control over the view's render rate.

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