Instance Method


Renders the contents of a node tree and returns the rendered image as a texture.


func texture(from node: SKNode) -> SKTexture?



The node object that is the root node of the tree you want to render to the texture.

Return Value

A SpriteKit texture that holds the rendered image.


The node being rendered does not need to appear in the view’s presented scene. The new texture is created with a size equal to the rectangle returned by the node’s calculateAccumulatedFrame() method. If the node is not a scene node, it is rendered with a clear background color ([SKColor clear]).

See Also

Snapshotting Nodes to a Texture

func texture(from: SKNode, crop: CGRect) -> SKTexture?

Renders a portion of a node’s contents and returns the rendered image as a texture.

Creating a New Node By Rendering To a Texture

Render a portion of the node tree into a new texture.

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