Methods to take custom control over the view's render rate.


@protocol SKViewDelegate


By setting a SpriteKit view's delegate with an object that implements SKViewDelegate, you can precisely control the frame rate of a game or app. You may choose to do this to maintain a consistent frame rate for computationally intensive code or for special effects such as simulating cine film.

The return value of view:shouldRenderAtTime: doesn't change the speed of physics simulations and actions in a SpriteKit scene. However, if you return NO, SpriteKit will skip updates and SKSceneDelegate methods are not called.


Instance Methods

- view:shouldRenderAtTime:

Specifies whether the view should render at the given time.


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Controlling the Timing of a Scene's Rendering


A Boolean value that indicates whether the view’s scene animations are paused.


The animation frame rate that the view uses to render its scene.


A delegate that allows dynamic control of the view's render rate.


The number of frames that must pass before the scene is called to update its contents.


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