A definition for a grid-based deformation of nodes that conform to SKWarpable.


class SKWarpGeometryGrid : SKWarpGeometry


An SKWarpGeometryGrid exposes a 2D array of source positions, and set of destination positions with matching size, that allow you to define which sections of a node should be translated from the source positions to the destination positions. Conceptually, this forms two grids—a source grid and a destination grid—where the visual warping is accomplished by stretching or shrinking each section of the node as the source positions of the grid interpolate to their corresponding destination positions.


Creating a Warp Geometry Grid

init(columns: Int, rows: Int)

Creates a warp geometry grid of a specified size.

init(columns: Int, rows: Int, sourcePositions: [SIMD2<Float>], destinationPositions: [SIMD2<Float>])

Creates a warp geometry grid of a specific size and warp translation, in point arrays.

init?(coder: NSCoder)

Tells you when to intialize a grid that was loaded from an archive.

Animating Warping

Animate the Warping of a Sprite

Interpolate warping from source to destination warp geometry grids.

Accessing or Setting Warp Geometry Grid Size

var numberOfColumns: Int

The object's number of columns.

var numberOfRows: Int

The object's number of rows.

var vertexCount: Int

The object's total number of vertices.

Accessing or Setting Grid Vertices

Get or set float2 values that correspond to individual vertices of the grid.

func destPosition(at: Int) -> vector_float2

Returns the destination position of a vertex.

func replacingByDestinationPositions(positions: [SIMD2<Float>]) -> SKWarpGeometryGrid

Returns a copy of this grid, updated with the argument destination positions.

func replacingBySourcePositions(positions: [SIMD2<Float>]) -> SKWarpGeometryGrid

Returns a copy of this grid, updated with the argument source positions.

func sourcePosition(at: Int) -> vector_float2

Returns the source position of a vertex.


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class SKWarpGeometry

A definition for a deformation of nodes that conform to SKWarpable.

protocol SKWarpable

A protocol for objects that can be warped and animated by an SKWarpGeometry.

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