Subscriptions and Offers

Offer users additional time-based content and services through purchases made within your app.



Handling Subscriptions Billing

Build logic around the date and time constraints of subscription products, while planning for all scenarios for which you should control access to content.

Enabling Server-to-Server Notifications

Use server notifications from the App Store to monitor and respond to users' subscription status changes.

Offering a Subscription Across Multiple Apps

Support a single auto-renewable subscription across multiple apps.

Reducing Involuntary Subscriber Churn

Prevent unintentional loss of subscribers due to billing issues.

Introductory Offers

Provide discount pricing for new customers, to encourage them to subscribe.

Implementing Introductory Offers in Your App

Offer introductory pricing for auto-renewable subscriptions to eligible users.

Testing Introductory Offers

Test your introductory pricing in a variety of user scenarios.

class SKProductDiscount

The details of a discount offer for a subscription product.

Subscription Offers

Provide discount pricing for existing or previously subscribed customers, to encourage them to renew.

Setting Up Subscription Offers

Generate a key and configure offers for auto-renewable subscriptions in App Store Connect.

Implementing Subscription Offers in Your App

Offer discounted pricing for auto-renewable subscription products to eligible subscribers.

Generating a Signature for Subscription Offers

Create a signature to validate a subscription offer using your private key.

Generating a Subscription Offer Signature Using Node.js

Generate a signature using your private key and lightweight cryptography libraries.

class SKPaymentDiscount

The signed discount applied to a payment.