Validating Receipts with the App Store

Verify transactions with the App Store on a secure server.


An App Store receipt is a binary encrypted file signed with an Apple certificate. In order to read the contents of the encrypted file, you need to pass it through the verifyReceipt endpoint. The endpoint's response includes a readable JSON body. Communication with the App Store is structured as JSON dictionaries, as defined in RFC 4627. Binary data is Base64-encoded, as defined in RFC 4648. Validate receipts with the App Store through a secure server. For information on establishing a secure network connection with the App Store, see Preventing Insecure Network Connections.

Fetch the Receipt Data

To retrieve the receipt data from the app on the device, use the appStoreReceiptURL method of NSBundle to locate the app’s receipt, and encode the data in Base64. Send this Base64-encoded data to your server.

/* Load the receipt from the app bundle. */
NSURL *receiptURL = [[NSBundle mainBundle] appStoreReceiptURL];
NSData *receipt = [NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:receiptURL];

if (!receipt) { 
    NSLog(@"no receipt");
    /* No local receipt -- handle the error. */ 
} else {
    /* Get the receipt in encoded format */
    NSString *encodedReceipt = [receipt base64EncodedStringWithOptions:0];

/* ... Send the receipt data to your server ... */

Send the Receipt Data to the App Store

On your server, create a JSON object with the receipt-data, password (if the receipt contains an auto-renewable subscription), and exclude-old-transactions keys detailed in requestBody.

Submit this JSON object as the payload of an HTTP POST request. Use the test environment URL when testing your app in the sandbox and while your application is in review. Use the production URL when your app is live in the App Store. For more information on these endpoints, see verifyReceipt.

Parse the Response

The App Store's response payload is a JSON object that contains the keys and values detailed in responseBody.

The in_app array contains the non-consumable, non-renewing subscription, and auto-renewable subscription items previously purchased by the user. Check the values in the response for these in-app purchase types to verify transactions as needed.

For auto-renewable subscription items, parse the response to get information about the currently active subscription period. When you validate the receipt for a subscription, latest_receipt contains the latest encoded receipt, which is the same as the value for receipt-data in the request, and latest_receipt_info contains all the transactions for the subscription, including the initial purchase and subsequent renewals but not including any restores.

You can use these values to check whether an auto-renewable subscription has expired. Use these values along with the expiration_intent subscription field to get the reason for expiration.

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