A class that validates advertiser-driven app installations.


class SKAdNetwork : NSObject


The ad network API helps advertisers measure the success of an ad campaign while maintaining user privacy. Apps can participate by displaying ads that ad networks serve, or by being advertised.

Diagram showing a user tapping on an ad for app B inside of app A, then installing and launching app B, which triggers the conversion notification.

When a user taps an ad, advertisers display an App Store product screen with signed parameters that identify the ad campaign. If a user installs and opens an app, Apple sends to the ad network a conversion notification for that campaign. The conversion notification is signed by Apple and does not include user- or device-specific data.


Initiating Install Validation

Generating the Signature to Validate an Installation

Initiate install validation by displaying an ad with signed parameters.

Ad Network Install Validation Keys

The keys for validating and associating an app installation with an ad campaign.

Verifying an Ad Conversion

class func registerAppForAdNetworkAttribution()

Verifies the first launch of an app installed as a result of an ad.

Verifying an Install Validation Postback

Receive and verify an install validation message to confirm an ad conversion.


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