Instance Method


Gets the current capabilities associated with the music library on the device.


func requestCapabilities(completionHandler: @escaping (SKCloudServiceCapability, Error?) -> Void)



A block that is called when the device’s current capabilities are determined. The block takes the following parameters:


Flags that indicate the device’s capabilities. For possible values, see SKCloudServiceCapability.


An error value that indicates the reason for failure. Possible values are SKError.Code.unknown, SKError.Code.cloudServicePermissionDenied, and SKError.Code.cloudServiceNetworkConnectionFailed.

See Also

Determining Capabilities

func requestUserToken(forDeveloperToken: String, completionHandler: (String?, Error?) -> Void)

Returns a user token that you use to access personalized Apple Music content.

func requestStorefrontCountryCode(completionHandler: (String?, Error?) -> Void)

Gets the country code for the storefront associated with a user's iTunes account.

struct SKCloudServiceCapability

Constants that specify the current capabilities of the user’s music library on the device.