A view controller that helps users perform setup for a cloud service, like an Apple Music subscription.


class SKCloudServiceSetupViewController : UIViewController


Use the view presented by this view controller to allow users to set up cloud services that are associated with their iTunes Store account, like an Apple Music subscription.

To enable the Apple Music subscriber setup flow in particular, you first request the current set of capabilities from SKCloudServiceController. Then, present the setup view controller only when the musicCatalogSubscriptionEligible capability is enabled and the musicCatalogPlayback capability is disabled.

For information about other capabilities that you can enable by using this view controller, see SKCloudServiceCapability.


Setting a Delegate

var delegate: SKCloudServiceSetupViewControllerDelegate?

The cloud service view controller's delegate.

protocol SKCloudServiceSetupViewControllerDelegate

A protocol that defines the methods a cloud service setup view controller can use to get the status of the view, including when it is dismissed.

Loading the Setup View

Offering Apple Music Subscription in Your App

Allow eligible users to subscribe to Apple Music library.

struct SKCloudServiceSetupOptionsKey

Keys used to specify the types of setup options for a cloud service.