Instance Property


A string that uniquely identifies a successful payment transaction.


var transactionIdentifier: String? { get }


The contents of this property are undefined except when transactionState is set to SKPaymentTransactionState.purchased or SKPaymentTransactionState.restored. The transactionIdentifier is a string that uniquely identifies the processed payment. Your application may wish to record this string as part of an audit trail for App Store purchases. See In-App Purchase Programming Guide for more information.

The value of this property corresponds to the Transaction Identifier property in the receipt.

See Also

Getting Transaction Information

var payment: SKPayment

The payment for the transaction.

var transactionDate: Date?

The date the transaction was added to the App Store’s payment queue.

var original: SKPaymentTransaction?

The transaction that was restored by the App Store.

var error: Error?

An object describing the error that occurred while processing the transaction.