An object in the payment queue.


class SKPaymentTransaction : NSObject


A payment transaction is created whenever a payment is added to the payment queue. Transactions are delivered to your app when the App Store has finished processing the payment. Completed transactions provide a receipt and transaction identifier that your app can use to save a permanent record of the processed payment.


Getting Transaction Information

var payment: SKPayment

The payment for the transaction.

var transactionIdentifier: String?

A string that uniquely identifies a successful payment transaction.

var transactionDate: Date?

The date the transaction was added to the App Store’s payment queue.

var original: SKPaymentTransaction?

The transaction that was restored by the App Store.

var error: Error?

An object describing the error that occurred while processing the transaction.

Getting Downloads

var downloads: [SKDownload]

An array of download objects representing the downloadable content associated with the transaction.

Getting Transaction State

var transactionState: SKPaymentTransactionState

The current state of the transaction.

enum SKPaymentTransactionState

Values representing the state of a transaction.


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Delivering Content

Processing a Transaction

Register a transaction queue observer to get and handle transaction updates from the App Store.

Persisting a Purchase

Keep a persistent record of a purchase to continue making the product available as needed.

Finishing a Transaction

Finish the transaction to complete the purchase process.

class SKDownload

Downloadable content associated with a product.

class SKReceiptRefreshRequest

A request to refresh the receipt, which represents the user's transactions with your app.

class SKRequest

An abstract class that represents a request to the App Store.

func SKTerminateForInvalidReceipt()

Terminates an app if the license to use the app has expired.