Information about a product previously registered in App Store Connect.


class SKProduct : NSObject


SKProduct objects are returned as part of an SKProductsResponse object.


Getting the Product Identifier

var productIdentifier: String

The string that identifies the product to the Apple App Store.

Getting Product Attributes

var localizedDescription: String

A description of the product.

var localizedTitle: String

The name of the product.

var contentVersion: String

A string that identifies the version of the content.

var contentLengths: [NSNumber]

The total size of the content, in bytes.


Getting Pricing Information

var price: NSDecimalNumber

The cost of the product in the local currency.

var priceLocale: Locale

The locale used to format the price of the product.

var introductoryPrice: SKProductDiscount?

The object containing introductory price information for the product.

var discounts: [SKProductDiscount]

An array of subscription offers available for the product.

class SKProductDiscount

The details of a discount offer for a subscription product.

Getting Subscription Information

var subscriptionGroupIdentifier: String?

The identifier of the subscription group to which the subscription belongs.

var subscriptionPeriod: SKProductSubscriptionPeriod?

The period details for products that are subscriptions.

class SKProductSubscriptionPeriod

An object containing the subscription period duration information.

enum SKProduct.PeriodUnit

Values representing the duration of an interval, from a day up to a year.

Getting Downloadable Content Information

var isDownloadable: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the App Store has downloadable content for this product.

var downloadContentLengths: [NSNumber]

The lengths of the downloadable files available for this product.

var downloadContentVersion: String

A string that identifies which version of the content is available for download.

var downloadable: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the App Store has downloadable content for this product.



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class SKProductsRequest

An object that can retrieve localized information from the App Store about a specified list of products.

class SKProductsResponse

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