An object that can retrieve localized information from the App Store about a specified list of products.


Your app uses an SKProductsRequest object to present localized prices and other information to the user without having to maintain that list of product information itself.

To use an SKProductsRequest object, you initialize it with a list of product identifier strings, attach a delegate, and then call the request’s start() method. When the request completes, your delegate receives an SKProductsResponse object.


Initializing a Products Request

init(productIdentifiers: Set<String>)

Initializes the request with the set of product identifiers.

Setting the Delegate

var delegate: SKProductsRequestDelegate?

The delegate that receives the response of the products request.

protocol SKProductsRequestDelegate

A set of methods that are implemented by the delegate to receive requested product information.


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Retrieving Product Information

class SKProduct

Information about a product you previously registered in App Store Connect.

class SKProductsResponse

An App Store response to a request for information about a list of products.

class SKProductSubscriptionPeriod

An object containing the subscription period duration information.