Instance Property


An array of product identifier strings that were not recognized by the App Store.


var invalidProductIdentifiers: [String] { get }


The App Store may not recognize your product identifiers unless you have met the following criteria, as applicable:

  • Agreed to the latest Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

  • Completed all the financial agreements as described in the Agreements, Tax, and Banking Overview. When you renew your developer membership, see if you need to make updates to your agreements. When your developer membership expires, your financial agreements expire as well.

  • Your app uses an explicit App ID.

  • In-app purchases are cleared for sale in App Store Connect. See Set availability for in-app purchase.

  • Modified in-app purchases are available to the App Store servers.

  • The product identifier specified in App Store Connect matches the identifier used by the SKProductsRequest object in your app.

  • The content of your Apple-hosted product has been uploaded to App Store Connect. See Upload in-app purchase content to App Store Connect.

See Also

Response Information

var products: [SKProduct]

A list of products, one product for each valid product identifier provided in the original request.