Instance Method


Updates the visibility of the product on the App Store, per device.


func update(storePromotionVisibility promotionVisibility: SKProductStorePromotionVisibility, for product: SKProduct, completionHandler: ((Error?) -> Void)? = nil)


An in-app purchase product's default visibility setting is set up in App Store Connect. You can override the default setting, or return it to the default set in App Store Connect using the values in SKProductStorePromotionVisibility.

Visibility settings apply per device.

See Also

Managing Promoted Product Visibility

func fetchStorePromotionVisibility(for: SKProduct, completionHandler: ((SKProductStorePromotionVisibility, Error?) -> Void)?)

Reads the visibility setting of a promoted product in the App Store for this device.

enum SKProductStorePromotionVisibility

The visibility settings that determine if an in-app purchase is visible on a device.