A request to refresh the receipt, which represents the user's transactions with your app.


class SKReceiptRefreshRequest : SKRequest


Use this API to request a new receipt if the receipt is invalid or missing. In the sandbox environment, you can request a receipt with any combination of properties to test the state transitions related to Volume Purchase Plan receipts.


Working with Receipt Refresh Requests

init(receiptProperties: [String : Any]?)

Initializes a receipt refresh request with optional properties.

var receiptProperties: [String : Any]?

The properties of the receipt.

Receipt Property Keys

Receipt States

States that a receipt can be in, related to the Volume Purchase Plan.


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See Also

Delivering Content

Processing a Transaction

Register a transaction queue observer to get and handle transaction updates from the App Store.

Unlocking Purchased Content

Deliver content to the user after validating the purchase.

class SKDownload

Downloadable content associated with a product.

class SKRequest

An abstract class that represents a request to the App Store.

class SKPaymentTransaction

An object in the payment queue.

func SKTerminateForInvalidReceipt()

Terminates an app if the license to use the app has expired.