Instance Method


Loads a new product screen to display.


func loadProduct(withParameters parameters: [String : Any], completionBlock block: ((Bool, Error?) -> Void)? = nil)



A dictionary describing the content you want the view controller to display.

See Product Dictionary Keys for keys that describe the product.

See Ad Network Install Validation Keys for keys that describe an impression in an advertising campaign.


A block to be called when the product information has been loaded from the App Store. The completion block is called on the main thread and receives the following parameters:


true if the product information was successfully loaded, otherwise false.


If an error occurred, this object describes the error. If the product information was successfully loaded, this value is nil.


In most cases, you should load the product information and then present the view controller. However, if you load new product information while the view controller is presented, the contents of the view controller are replaced after the new product data is loaded.

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