Support in-app purchases and interactions with the App Store.


Using StoreKit in your app, you can provide the following features and services:

  • In-App Purchase. Offer and promote in-app purchases for content and services.

  • Apple Music. Check a user's Apple Music capabilities and offer a subscription.

  • Recommendations and reviews. Provide recommendations for third-party content and enable users to rate and review your app.


In-App Purchase

In-App Purchase

Offer users additional content and services through purchases made within your app.

Apple Music

Apple Music

Offer users the option to sign up for an Apple Music subscription and provide access to the Apple Music library.

Recommendations and Reviews

Recommendations and Reviews

Offer users the option to buy other apps, music, and video media, and to rate and review apps.


Handling Errors

Handle errors resulting from StoreKit requests.

struct SKError

StoreKit error descriptions, codes, and domain.

enum SKError.Code

Error codes for StoreKit errors.

let SKErrorDomain: String

The error domain name for StoreKit errors.

App Receipt Validation

class SKReceiptRefreshRequest

A request to refresh the receipt, which represents the user's transactions with your app.

func SKTerminateForInvalidReceipt()

Terminates an app if the license to use the app has expired.

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