Type Method


Returns a random value within the specified range.


static func random(in range: Range<Self>) -> Self
Available when RawSignificand conforms to FixedWidthInteger.



The range in which to create a random value. range must be finite and non-empty.

Return Value

A random value within the bounds of range.


Use this method to generate a floating-point value within a specific range. This example creates three new values in the range 10.0 ..< 20.0.

for _ in 1...3 {
    print(Double.random(in: 10.0 ..< 20.0))
// Prints "18.1900709259179"
// Prints "14.2286325689993"
// Prints "13.1485686260762"

The random() static method chooses a random value from a continuous uniform distribution in range, and then converts that value to the nearest representable value in this type. Depending on the size and span of range, some concrete values may be represented more frequently than others.

This method is equivalent to calling random(in:using:), passing in the system’s default random generator.